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What Every Man Needs To Know About Manhood
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Get your copy of Leroy Scott's new book on manhood. As a Professional Licensed Counselor, Coach & Businessman, Leroy has spent over 20 years helping men become great husbands, fathers, sons and the best man they could be. In this book he writes very personally and authoritatively to help men realize that they are more important than society has portrayed them as. His message is clear, insightful & precise. He communicates with men in a language they understand and connects with them to inspire change, growth and a deep desire for success. 

Here's One of The Principles Discussed In The Book...

Are You Looking for A Map to Manhood?

Then ‘The REAL MANHOOD Agenda’ is your GPS. It helps men confront, resolve and conquer all the challenges they face in life. It sets the standard for real manhood and provides a blue print to help men get there. It spans from childhood to adulthood to help men understand and make sense of developmental stages and processes. It shapes a perspective that cultivates honor and dignity in manhood and gives men a clear lens to look through.

 When there’s nothing you want more in life than to be the best man you can. The REAL MANHOOD Agenda helps you get you there!


Here's Another Principle Discussed In The Book...